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Infrastructure Spending Cushions Construction Industry

March 17, 2009

Ottawa – Initial assessments of the federal government’s stimulus package show it is helping to ease the economic impact of the recession on one of Canada’s most important sectors, according to the Construction Sector Council (CSC).

“We’re confident this $30 billion injection over the next two fiscal years will provide the construction industry with a soft landing during these challenging economic times,” said George Gritziotis, Executive Director of the Construction Sector Council.”

Right now virtually the entire Canadian construction labour force is in transition as mega projects are delayed from coast to coast and residential spending declines.

The CSC’s analysis shows the fiscal stimulus included in the federal budget, and anticipated in coming provincial initiatives, will boost construction spending and employment over the next three years. It will create the conditions needed to maintain the construction capacity that will be required to respond not only to the stimulus measures but to all future demands for infrastructure development and maintenance as our economy recovers.

“Construction employment is expected to show small gains from 2009 to 2010 and remain unchanged in 2011, and we think that’s a very good sign compared to so many other sectors,” Gritziotis added. Construction employment figures will be detailed in the final CSC national and provincial labour market forecasts available this spring.

The CSC’s “Construction Looking Forward” national and regional forecasts provide colleges, government, labour and industry with accurate information on labour supply and demand to support the future needs of the construction industry in Canada.

The Construction Sector Council is a national organization committed to developing a highly skilled workforce – one that will support the future needs of the construction industry in Canada.

Created in April of 2001, and financed by both government and industry, the CSC is a partnership between labour and business. Visit our website: www.csc-ca.org.

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