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Older Workers

Manage to Last: Older Workers’ Labour Market Inclusion and Extension (2011)

Based on secondary research, this report outlines the fundamental issues in the employment of older workers. Concentrating on Canada, it also includes relevant ideas from the USA and Europe. The report covers issues from the current situation of older workers in the labour force through to their redeployment.

Older Worker Scoping Exercise: Industry Consultation Research Report (2011)

This report develops a comprehensive picture of the current state of attitudes, policies and activities regarding older workers in the construction industry. It is based on key informant interviews, older worker interviews and an industry-wide survey. Topics include current practices, perceptions about older workers and the attitudes of older workers themselves.

Strategies and Best Practices for the Recruitment, Retention and Employment of Older Workers in the Construction Industry (2011)

Based on construction industry best practices and the application of ideas and concepts from other industries, a series of practical tools for the retention of older workers in the construction industry has been developed. These are grouped into four areas: recruitment, retention, transition to retirement support and other strategies and best practices.