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Representation of Indigenous Canadians and Women in Canada’s Construction and Maintenance Workforce (2018)

Canada’s population is rapidly aging, putting pressure on labour markets across all industries. Simultaneously, the proportion of youth (15 to 24 years) has been declining. As these trends extend over the next 10 years, Canada will see an increase in the proportion of the population that is potentially retiring and a decrease in the proportion of the population that is potentially available to enter the workforce. These dynamics imply potentially tighter labour markets going forward. As a significant share of the country’s population enters retirement age, the construction industry will have to contend with exits from the industry through retirements.

If the current situation remains unchanged, the pool of new workers to the industry may not be sufficient to offset retirements. The Indigenous and female workforce are a potential untapped pool of labour that can be used to meet future demand.

The State of Women in Construction in Canada (2010)

This report analyzes statistics on women's representation in the industry and on apprenticeship registrations and completions. It covers research designed to help establish benchmarks for change and to document the practices needed to achieve it. The report also contains information on career choices, barriers to participation, descriptions of existing programs and initiatives, and the results of a survey, interviews and focus groups with women.

Women in Construction Engagement Strategy (2010)

The engagement strategy is aimed at increasing women’s participation in the construction industry. The report sets out six key elements: industry leadership, apprenticeship, training, outreach recruitment and retention, policies and procedures, and partnerships. It also suggests specific approaches for stakeholders working to implement the strategy.

Women in Construction, Women's Symposium Report (2010)

This report summarizes the findings of a symposium that explored the role that leaders, supervisors, workers and women can play in engaging women in the construction industry.

Brochure: They're Smart. They're Savvy. They're Strong. (2005)

This brochure uses stories of successful women in construction to promote women's participation in the industry.