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The strength of the construction industry depends heavily on the collective strength of its partners. At BuildForce Canada, our goal is to help develop a highly skilled construction-sector workforce. And we can’t do it without the expertise, support and encouragement of our many partners, who come from business, labour, education, and government. Many are actively involved in BuildForce Canada initiatives, and still others are in the early stages of discussing future projects. We rely on these partners to be our eyes and ears within the industry. Through continuous dialogue, and by working together, we set the priorities of BuildForce Canada. It’s a win-win solution.

Developing a partnership with BuildForce Canada

BuildForce Canada relies heavily on the experience and expertise of our partners – the people and organizations who shape our industry. All of our projects and initiatives are determined by our partners, and led by key stakeholders.

The overall benefits to BuildForce Canada and the industry as a whole are obvious, but the individual benefits to large or small business owners, union members, construction groups, government or industry leaders, are just as important.

By becoming a partner, your experience and expertise – your hard-earned lessons – will be shared with the industry. Your knowledge will be used to put into place programs and processes that will enable Canada to have the most highly skilled and professional construction workforce in the world – a workforce that is able to evolve and adapt to future requirements.

At the same time, you will have the chance to benefit from innovative human resources approaches used by others in the construction industry, in Canada, and around the world.

You will also expand your contacts with other partners involved in the construction industry, and help to create solutions that work for all!

Help shape the future. Become a BuildForce Canada partner today by e-mailing us at

Strategic partners

Alberta Council of Turnaround Industry Maintenance Stakeholders
BC Hydro
Canada’s Building Trades Unions
Canadian Construction Association
Canadian Home Builders’ Association
Irving Oil
LNG Canada
Merit Canada
National Construction Labour Relations Alliance
Ontario Power Generation
Progressive Contractors Association of Canada
Shell Canada