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Links to Respectful Workplaces Tools and Resources

BC Construction Association

The BC Construction Association has training materials and resources on creating Respectful and Inclusive Workplaces. You can find them on the Builders Code website.

Build Together

Creating a Safe & Welcoming Work Environment: Guidebooks for employees and employers, videos, instructional materials, and forms and templates for setting up a welcoming work environment

Indigenous Allyship: Downloadable materials and resources for engaging Indigenous Peoples


New Boots: Progressing Women in Trades: A New Brunswick provincial network and resource hub that aims to promote, support and mentor women in non-traditional skilled trades such as construction, maintenance, automotive, truck and transport. The goal is to increase the numbers of girls and women in New Brunswick who will pursue a career in a skilled trade and to support them at all levels, as well as their employers, on their journey to licensing.

Diversity and Balance in the Workforce: Diversity training

YWCA Hamilton

The Building Opportunities: Advancing Women in Skilled Trades: The Building Opportunities: Advancing Women in Skilled Trades toolkit is the product of a research that was done by YWCA Hamilton in collaboration with Workforce Planning Hamilton, to encourage employers to engage in best practices for hiring, retaining and promoting women in the skilled trades workforce. 

The toolkit was developed through consultation with employers in the skilled trades, women-identified tradespeople, manufacturing and construction business associations, and civic and regional bodies. It consists of many free resources such as guidelines and templates to assist employers in the trades with recruitment, retention and advancement of women in the skilled trades.

The toolkit is divided into three sections to help employers with different phases of a woman’s career. Each section supplies multiple downloadable templates for employers to customize for their own businesses. This resource is particularly valuable for small-to-mid-sized businesses that may not have in-house human resources personnel to manage their hiring according to best practices.

For more information, contact Maisie Raymond-Brown, Director of Employment and Training Services at (905) 522-9922 ext. 151 or at