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Construction productivity expert series webcasts

Canada is a centre of excellence in construction innovation. To stay globally competitive, we need to put our pioneering knowledge of best practices to work — seeking processes to ensure safety, keep quality high, and bring costs down.

This webcast series is part of an industry-led Canadian Construction Productivity Initiative that is helping to define what productivity means for Canada’s construction and maintenance industry. Through awareness-raising, education and sharing of leading/best practices, our goal is to make productivity a core value of the industry — at the heart of how we work, and key to our sustained competitiveness in the global marketplace.

Each of the webcasts will feature a productivity expert presenting information on a particular aspect of productivity. We hope you find the series informative and useful. BuildForce will be adding to the expert series of educational webcasts over time.

Everyone in the industry has a part to play. Get involved! Become more productive and help keep our industry competitive.

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