Respectful Workplace Policy Framework and Implementation Guide

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Adaptable Respectful Workplace Policy Framework

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Publication Date: 
November 2018

The Respectful Workplace Policy Framework and Implementation Guide are part of the BuildForce Canada Respectful and Inclusive Workplace Toolkit that also includes the Online Self-Assessment Tool to enable organizations to assess the complete picture of what they are doing to create and support a respectful and inclusive workplace.

While the Policy Framework sets out the general principles that are necessary to build a respectful and inclusive workplace, the Implementation Guide provides best practices to support the framework and may be adapted to an organization’s particular circumstances.

Creating and supporting a respectful and inclusive workplace is a progressive approach to business success that also supports the goals of health and safety, employment and labour, human rights and other areas of legislation across Canada. Some of these laws are designed to protect workers against disrespectful behaviour such as harassment, discrimination and violence, and therefore to promote respect and inclusion at the workplace.