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BuildForce Canada launches Introduction to Understanding Systemic Racism e-learning course

Designed for construction-sector leaders and managers to help eliminate or reduce organizational bias

Ottawa – BuildForce Canada today launched its newest online education course, Introduction to Understanding Systemic Racism: A Guide for Leaders and Managers.

Even in their most benign forms, unconscious biases within an organization can have profound impacts on Black, Indigenous and People of Colour by limiting their potential for growth and eroding their personal wellbeing. In recognition of the need for greater awareness around the issue of systemic racism and unconscious bias in organizational decision making, BuildForce created the course with input from an advisory committee composed of professionals from Black, Indigenous and People of Colour communities within the construction industry.

Developed specifically for leaders and managers in the construction industry, the program aims to provide general awareness about systemic racism in the workplace and explains how inherent biases at the individual or organizational level may impact racialized communities. It also recommends tools for change that can help organizations eliminate or reduce any unconscious biases that may exclude Black, Indigenous and People of Colour from opportunities.

Course lessons explore a variety of subjects, including:

  • the origins of systemic racism in Canada
  • how leaders and managers are affected by unconscious biases and stereotypes
  • how group dynamics can create obstacles for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour
  • those organizational policies and processes that may unintentionally exclude Black, Indigenous and People of Colour from recruitment and career advancement
  • how organizations can compete more effectively by creating inclusive communications and marketing processes
  • how organizations can develop inclusion practices and strategies

This course was developed by BuildForce Canada in consultation with an advisory committee that comprises a variety of stakeholder communities. Presented in an online format, it includes interactive elements, scenarios, videos, and quizzes to enhance learning.

For further information, contact Bill Ferreira, Executive Director, BuildForce Canada, at or 613-569-5552 ext. 2220.

About BuildForce Canada
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Special thanks
BuildForce is grateful to the following members of the advisory committee for their contributions to the development of the course contents:

Lindsay Amundsen
Director of Workforce Development
Canada’s Building Trades Unions

Chris Campbell
Equity and Diversity Representative
Carpenters District Council of Ontario

Lyle W Daniels
Community and Indigenous Director
Building Trades of Alberta

Rosemarie Powell
Executive Director
Toronto Community Benefits Network

Sudhir Sandhu
Chief Executive Officer
Manitoba Building Trades

Darren Schutten
Labour Relations Representative

Richard Whyte
Division Toronto Civil Chief Estimator