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Proposed Major Projects Drive Construction Job Growth in New Brunswick

The province’s construction workforce is expected to grow by 12 percent over the coming decade, driven by a recovery in new housing, steady rise in industrial and commercial building and potential planned energy and utility projects, according to the latest labour market forecast released today by BuildForce Canada.

“Most of the job growth could happen over the next five years,” said Rosemary Sparks, Executive Director of BuildForce Canada. “A lot depends on the timing of key pipeline, marine terminal and energy projects which could create recruitment challenges as thousands of workers retire.”

BuildForce Canada’s 2017-2026 Construction and Maintenance Looking Forward forecast shows rising construction demands over the coming decade driven by stable residential building and proposed major projects. The biggest employment gains are anticipated between now and 2020, as an increase in ICI building could coincide with planned pipeline, mining and other infrastructure projects. These investments offset a decline in road, highway and bridge work over the next five years and contribute to a rise in maintenance work over the latter half of the decade. Construction expansion is expected to raise employment in a series of waves, adding 2,600 jobs over the next ten years.

BuildForce Canada’s forecast also shows:

  • A modest rise in housing starts to 2020, while home renovation activity strengthens between 2020 and 2026;
  • Engineering related projects could add 1,700 jobs, a 36 percent increase over ten years;
  • The need to replace 28 percent of the workforce, or 7,600 workers who are retiring this decade, well above the national average.

“Shifting demographics make it harder for industry to build the workforce it needs,” added Sparks. “The pool of available young workers is shrinking as retirements rise. Industry will need to step up efforts to recruit more women and Indigenous people who are underrepresented in construction, as well as new immigrants and workers from other industries.”

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