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The Construction Sector Council introduces!

Construction Forecast Data is now available online and at your fingertips. Customize reports by easily obtaining data from any combination of trades, provinces and other variables.

With a click, this unique industry planning tool delivers sound forecasting and planning data covering up to 10 years, in 31 major construction trades.

In mere seconds, a user can determine the availability of a construction trade/occupation in labour markets across Canada. They can also generate customized tables and graphs on a broad range of selected categories within sector, trade or province. With another click the data is converted to any of a variety of chart formats. is…

convenient, eliminating hours of sifting through reports and trade publications and enabling rapid response to medium and long term needs.
comprehensive, assisting the preplanning process with consistent labour market and economic information for all users, industry wide.
simple to use, providing a glossary, FAQ and easy to follow guides and suggestions.
The Forecast Quick Picks feature instantly presents the most frequently accessed data in the most common categories such as construction investment, employment and the economy.