2015 Meeting Construction and Maintenance Workforce Challenges: National Industry Strategy – en anglais seulement (2015)

BuildForce Canada’s National Construction Owners’ Forum* invited industry and government to its first National Strategy Summit, engaging owners, contractors, labour and government in meeting Canada’s construction and maintenance workforce challenges. This was an opportunity for industry leaders to develop a national workforce development strategy.

The construction and maintenance industry is undergoing the most dramatic demographic shift in its history. Close to one quarter of Canada’s construction and maintenance workforce is retiring over the next decade, at a time when the industry is projected to continue steady, but moderate growth. This creates workforce challenges that require a national strategy, encompassing the right policies, programs and initiatives. The goal is to ensure the industry has a sustainable skilled workforce with the ability and flexibility to meet changing demands now and into the future.

Working together will ensure Canada’s construction and maintenance industry is well positioned to continue driving job and economic growth across the country.

The strategy will be a dynamic document, updated on an annual basis to remain current with the labour market conditions as presented in BuildForce Canada’s annual construction and maintenance outlook scenario. This document references the 2016‒2025 preliminary Construction and Maintenance Looking Forward outlook scenario.

* The National Owners Forum is an open forum where owners can come together at a national level to discuss labour market issues of mutual interest.