Building a foundation of respect - Part 11

Developing effective communication skills to create and sustain a respectful and inclusive workplace in construction

Did you know? In a diverse workplace, an effective team is an inclusive team.The challenges:

  • Leveraging the diversity in teams for high performance results
  • Creating an inclusive workplace that encourages collaboration among team members with different genders, backgrounds, and circumstances

The solutions:

  • Eliminate bias and assumptions about people of different genders, backgrounds, and circumstances
  • Provide training on respect, inclusion awareness, and skills
  • Provide training on team goal setting, decision making, communicating, conflict resolution, and problem solving

10 tips for problem solving in an inclusive team:

  1. Use active listening skills (see blog #9 for details)
  2. Communicate assertively, not aggressively
  3. Separate personalities from the problems to be solved
  4. Overcome bias and assumptions
  5. Focus on "larger picture" issues rather than individual positions
  6. Commit the time necessary, even if it means re-visiting the issue at a later time
  7. Commit to an outcome that is mutually acceptable
  8. Try to understand the reasons behind the positions people are taking
  9. Be imaginative and open-minded in arriving at a solution
  10. Commit to maintaining good working relationships

Wayne Gretzky, the "Great One"


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How would you describe the qualities of a high-performing inclusive team?


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