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Building a foundation of respect - Part 1

BuildForce Canada blog: Part 1 Building a foundation of respect

International Women's Day 2017

The challenges:

  • A quarter of a million skilled workers will be retiring over the next decade
  • Increased globalization demands more awareness of different cultures
  • The changing needs of a changing workforce
  • Increased demands for corporate social responsibility such as fairness and equity

The solution:

  • Creating and sustaining workplaces that support cohesive and successful teams with a diversity of backgrounds; and leveraging that diversity for success.

Did you know?

  • Indigenous people represent 3.7% of the construction workforce and with the fastest growing population in Canada, creates potential for replenishing a retiring workforce.
  • Women in skilled trades represent 4% of the Canadian construction workforce; this number has remained relatively unchanged over the past 25 years.


It's how someone says something to you. - Tradeswoman, Ironworker

The willingness to show consideration for other's feelings. - Respect in the Workplace Program, Construction Owner's Association of Alberta

The Platinum Rule: Treat others as they wish to be treated. - Tony Alessandra and Michael J. O'Connor, 1996.


OUR NEXT INSTALLMENT: How respect, inclusion and diversity can create the team that everyone wants to be a part of.



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What is a respectful workplace?

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