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Now Available! Canadian Model Version 6.0 - best practice guide for alcohol and drug guidelines

Canadian Model - Alcohol and Drug Guidelines Best Practice Canadian Model Version 6.0

The Construction Owners Association of Canada (COAA) and Energy Safety Canada have released the updated Canadian Model for Providing a Safe Workplace (“Canadian Model”) Version 6.0; a best practice guide for alcohol and drug guidelines. 

The purpose of the Canadian Model is to contribute to a safe workplace for all workers by reducing the risks associated with the inappropriate use of alcohol and drugs. It aims to articulate minimum industry expectations for a safe workplace, while recognizing that some companies may require higher or alternative standards based on the specific nature of their operations.

The drug panels are updated to follow the U.S Department of Transportation update issued in January 2018. Marijuana limits have not changed: illegal or legal, the safety issues of working while at risk of being impaired have not changed. A number of clauses have been tweaked to improve clarity, many with the advice of our panel of medical experts who participated in COAA’s 2018 Best Practices Conference.

An extensive FAQ is also available as a related document in the library, together with additional supplementary information, including:

  • Education and Awareness Resources
  • Employers Guide
  • Supervisors Guide
  • Workers Guide
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Guiding Principles and History
  • Position Statement on Marijuana and Workplace Safety

Please visit www.coaa.ab.ca/library/canadian-model-version-6/ where you will find the updated model and supporting documents.

It is anticipated that companies and organizations will transition to Version 6.0 over the next few months. Version 5.0 will remain in the COAA Library as a superseded reference document until early 2019.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Larry Staples, Construction Owners Association of Alberta  |  Alberta Chamber of Resources |  T. 780.420.1145 x 231  |  E. larry@coaa.ab.ca