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The Internationally Trained Workers (ITW) website provides resources to help employers, industry organizations, employment agencies and counsellors attract, hire and integrate immigrants into the construction workforce.

  • The Construction Employer’s Roadmap offers practical advice on finding ITWs, including how to assess experience obtained in other countries, make job offers, develop orientation programs, and retain workers.  
  • Coming soon: How to Start and Operate an Immigrant Construction Employment Program – Implementation Guide provides instructions, tools and templates that can be used or adapted for the purpose.
  • Coming soon: Foreign Credentials and Skills Assessment for the Construction Industry provides detailed outlines of 26 Red Seal construction trades that settlement or employment counsellors can use with clients whose skills fit into one or more of these trades.

These resources are also available in PDF format and hard copy from the CSC website.

The Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Program facilitates the entry of workers from other countries to fill temporary construction labour demands that cannot be met by Canadian residents. This section of the website ( contains a step-by-step guide for employers wishing to bring workers in through the TFW Program, as well as a guide for temporary foreign workers interested in working in construction in Canada.