Enhancing the e-learning experience

BuildForce Canada is taking advantage of the latest learning technologies to deliver better online training courses and services.

Online learning provides an efficient, cost-effective way to deliver high-quality training that is accessible 24/7 and can be completed at the learner’s own pace. Through a network of distributors that include safety associations, construction associations, labour groups, larger employers, private trainers and colleges across Canada, the BuildForce e-Learning Centre (elearning.csc-ca.org) currently offers nine awareness-level, Gold Seal-certified training courses that cover topics ranging from supervisor training and project management to pipeline safety and working in confined spaces.
Over the past year we’ve seen a 100 percent increase in course completions – and we’re aiming to take that even higher by making several enhancements to the online experience.

Updating the PCST course

Dating back to 2005, Pipeline Construction Safety Training (PCST) is our oldest and most successful course, providing a consistent standard of safety awareness training for all workers entering a pipeline job site. We’re currently working on a major update not only to ensure its content better reflects the requirements of today’s workers but also to enhance its underlying technology. The new course design will
make better use of the space afforded by widescreen monitors, while faster Internet speeds make it possible to use a greater number of high-quality instructional videos and other interactive activities.
Industry played a significant role in the PCST’s initial development – and continues to be heavily involved in the revision process. Here, BuildForce is working closely with several organizations involved in pipeline construction in Canada, including the Pipe Line Contractors Association of Canada (PLCAC), to ensure the course continues to meet the industry’s needs.
“As an original stakeholder in the PCST’s development, we’re proud
to continue a relationship with BuildForce that has led thousands of e-learners to take a course that promotes safety in pipeline construc- tion,” says Neil Lane, Executive Director of PLCAC. “Enhancing the PCST course will keep its content current and up to date while providing a solid safety foundation to those learners working in the industry.”
The new PCST course will be released this spring.

Revitalizing our learning management system

BuildForce’s learning management system (LMS) – the hub through which courses are delivered – will also be upgraded in the coming months, taking advantage of rapid improvements in online technology to improve its stability and flexibility. First, the e-Learning Centre user interface will be refreshed to make navigation easier for learners and course distributors. Improvements to the backend, meanwhile, will enable greater tracking and reporting of user activity, allowing us to better manage the learning experience.
“The updated LMS will give us a more robust platform for our courses,” says Rosemary Sparks, Executive Director of BuildForce Canada. “And that gives us greater potential to offer even more online services to the construction industry down the road.”

Have an idea for a new training course?

We’re adding two new courses to our e-Learning Centre over the next year – and we’d like to know which topics you’d like us to focus on moving forward. If there are any specific courses you want to see, send us your suggestions at exdir@buildforce.ca.

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