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Innovation is the application of good ideas from a variety of sources

Performance Benchmarking Blog Part 5: Innovation is the application of good ideas from a variety of sources

Did you know? The collection and assessment of ideas from a variety of sources reflects the health of a firm’s communication.Innovation practice:
Innovative ideas and suggestions from employees, suppliers and other sources are collected and evaluated objectively during the project.

The most recent comprehensive survey of innovation in the Canadian construction industry was published by Statistics Canada in 2001 (Andersen and Schaan). The survey identified suppliers and subcontractors as, by far, the primary source of new ideas for the industry, and also looked at trade journals and magazines, universities and research organizations as other sources outside the organization.

It has been well-established that organizations need to be active in collecting and assessing ideas from outside, as well as inside the project team (e.g., from employees, suppliers, and contractors, during project execution). Good communication of ideas fosters an innovative environment and leads to success (Aiken and Hage, 1971). For example, we have a culture of toolbox talks that focused on safety, why not do the same for good ideas?


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