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Construction is much easier with the right equipment and materials, ready at the right time

Performance Benchmarking Blog Part 8: Construction is much easier with the right equipment and materials, ready at the right time

Did you know? Tracking materials, tools, and equipment enhances project productivity. Materials practice:
Each project uses automated data collection technologies (e.g., barcodes, RFID tags, GPS systems) for automated on-site location tracking.

The benefits of leveraging technology to properly managing equipment and materials on-site appear to be obvious, and as the industry sorts out its approach to a digital world and continues to leverage the Internet of Things they are expected to become standard practice. However, the use of practices in support of materials management and the adoption of proven technologies are consistently lagging among accepted good management practices.

Tracking materials, tools and equipment enhances project productivity by enabling planners to make sure that the right materials, tools, equipment and information is available for the crews at the right time. Tracking materials enhances risk mitigation by ensuring that key materials are not lost. Losing materials requires expedited re-procurement, inactive crews, schedule delays and poor productivity. Tracking tools enhances risk mitigation by ensuring that tools are not stolen, hoarded or misallocated. Tracking equipment enhances return on capital by ensuring that equipment does not sit idle.

Construction materials and tools tracking service providers can be easily found by searching the internet who provide cloud hosted systems that use barcode, RFID and GPS systems tailored to applications by merit and applicability. Equipment tracking systems are provided by the large rental companies and equipment makers.


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