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Retaining older workers

The construction industry has always valued the contributions of older workers. Research conducted by the CSC analyzes the current state of older workers in Canada and internationally, surveys the attitudes of the industry and older workers, and provides a whole range of practical tools to retain older workers on the job. You can find Managing to Last, Older Worker Scoping Exercise: Industry Consultation Research Report, and Strategies and Best Practices for the Recruitment, Retention and Employment of Older Workers in the Construction Industry on the CSC’s website at

Making the right connections with Aboriginal people

Key strategies for tapping into the Aboriginal workforce – Canada’s fastest growing labour pool – are part of a booklet that outlines how to engage with Aboriginal communities, training providers and employment centres. Visit the CSC’s website,, to download A Canadian Strategy for Increasing Aboriginal Participation in the Construction Labour Force.

Also check out the new CSC website geared to helping Aboriginal career seekers, employers and career counsellors make the right connections:

Getting a head start with immigrant workers

A guide booklet entitled How to Start and Operate an Immigrant Construction Employment Program is geared to helping companies hire more immigrants based on having a job coach assess individuals’ skills and connect them to jobs. The program is based on a project undertaken in partnership with the British Columbia Construction Association that placed hundreds of immigrant workers in skilled construction trades. To download a copy, visit the CSC’s website at

Changing attitudes and behaviour toward women

The State of Women in Construction in Canada reports on a study of the barriers to women’s participation in the construction workforce, as well as practical ways to overcome them. It chronicles employers, associations and women’s programs that provide scholarships for women in trades, expose girls to trades and technology at special camps, prepare women to work in the construction industry, establish family-friendly policies, and other initiatives to recruit and retain women in construction careers. To download a copy, visit the CSC’s website at

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