Changes at the CSC

As you may have heard, there are changes ahead for the CSC. Federal funding for the Sector Council Program will end in March 2013. So what does this mean to the Labour Market Information (LMI) Program and other CSC products?

In the short term, the CSC Board is committed to completing the 2012 LMI forecast and has requested funding for the 2013 forecast.

The CSC Board is working to put a plan in place to develop an enduring model for LMI and other products to ensure they continue to be available to industry stakeholders beyond 2013. To this end, key industry stakeholders will be invited to participate in designing a broader industry stakeholder consultation process. The starting point for engaging the stakeholder community will be the organizations that participate in the CSC’s LMI Regional Network.

The CSC’s e-learning centre is a self-sufficient business line, so it is business as usual. Our e-learning support and arrangements with distributors will continue.

The CSC Board is also committed to finding ways to continue with other program areas (e.g., mentoring, Essential Skills, etc.) and this will be included in the planning consultations with industry.

Look for regular updates as we move forward in this new environment and watch for the CSC’s 2012 forecast scenario in February.

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