Creating a buzz around careers in construction

Websites and social media have become essential tools for “changing the conversation” and helping youth make important career decisions.

Renovating our careers in construction website

BuildForce’s 2014–2023 labour market forecast highlights the need to recruit new workers to replace retiring tradespeople and meet the needs of large-scale, resource-based construction projects – which means raising public awareness of the careers available in Canada’s construction sector, especially among youth, will be essential to maintaining a strong, skilled workforce.

To help attract young people to the industry, we are redesigning our Careers in Construction website ( to adopt a more modern look and feel that features improved navigation and greater use of visual elements like infographics – all with the aim of presenting often-technical, trade-by-trade labour market data in a more accessible, user-friendly way. The revamped site will go live in the spring, ultimately opening our labour market information to a whole new audience.

Changing the conversation via social media

Launching alongside the website will be a social media campaign to engage directly with youth. Working with Toronto-based Stitch Media, BuildForce will use YouTube, Facebook and other platforms to eliminate the assumptions and misperceptions surrounding construction careers by sharing the success stories of those currently in the industry. The strategy centres on arming youth with the tools and information they need to talk with their peers and parents about the construction sector – and to successfully pursue a career in the industry.

“The goal of this campaign is to change the conversation entirely,” says Evan Jones, Creative Director at Stitch Media. “Too many youth think that the trades are only for those who don’t do well in school. To them, their options are either middle management or unemployment. But if you flip the narrative – ‘instead of pushing papers around, I built a house and now a family has a home’ – that’s completely transformative.”

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